Micro-hydropower for remote communities.

A University of Pretoria (UP) academic helped to design and build a small-scale hydropower plant to generate 50 kW of electricity for the remote rural village of Kwa-Madiba in the […]


An international team led by a young South African researcher, Dr. Kenda Knowles, announced a comprehensive overview paper for the MeerKAT Galaxy Cluster Legacy Survey (MGCLS) in November. The paper, […]


It’s thanks to hydropower that Cape Town suburbs are often spared the inconvenience of loadshedding – for example, if Eskom has announced Stage 2 loadshedding, municipality-supplied electricity consumers may only […]


Opponents of investment in renewable energy often point out that solar and wind energy is not a reliable or consistentpower source. Sunshine and wind naturally vary throughout the day, so […]

Astronomy: HERA

A telescope built in the Karoo from wooden poles, PVC piping and wire mesh will allow astronomers to look backin time to when the first stars and galaxies formed, about […]

EnergyDRIVE 2021

On 1 September 2021, the EnergyDRIVE truck departed from its home base at the Durban University ofTechnology (DUT) for a three-week tour, visiting schools and wind farms in eight different […]

Quiver tree populations past, present and future.

Going back 22 000 years into the past and projecting 50 years into the future, ecologists from StellenboschUniversity simulated the palaeo- and future geographic range of the quiver tree, Aloidendron […]

BIOGAS – the power of microbes

Sugarcane is South Africa’s most promising biofuel feedstock, so it comes as no surprise that a researchgroup located in the centre of the country’s main sugarcane-growing area is exploring its […]