Quest Vol 20.2

From the Editor: My eyes were opened to the mind-boggling implications of gene editing after I watched a YouTube video seven years ago by Kurzgesagt, which was titled ‘Genetic engineering […]

Quest Vol 20.1 – Opening AI

In this edition, aptly titled “Opening AI,” we embark on an illuminating journey to demystify the realities, dangers, opportunities, and limitations of AI, with a keen focus on its implications […]

Quest Vol 19.4 – The Economy and You

The economy, and how to work with your money, doesn’t need to be a mystery. Although it can inevitably get complicated, the basic concepts are actually deceptively simple: Spend less […]

Winners of SA IYBSSD School Competition announced

All South African school are invited to enter the competition.

ASSAf (Academy of Science of South Africa), representing the DSI (Department of Science and Innovation) and NRF (National Research Foundation), is delighted to announce the winners of the aforementioned competition, which was launched on 14 March 2022, on the UNESCO International Day of Mathematics under the theme “Mathematics Unites.” This special day not only celebrates the power of mathematics in our world but also provided an opportunity to engage South African school learners as part of the UN (United Nations) International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development (IYBSSD).

Quest Vol 19 No 2 – Power and Nature

From the Editor: Power and nature are on every body’s lips these days. With Eskom’s loadshedding, power– or rather the lack of power – is a constant topic of conversation for South Africans. And for many, it is also a daily struggle. Similarly, due to Climate Change, there is an increasing awareness of the need to live sustainably in order to conserve our planet’s nature and its resources.

Quest Vol 19 No 1 – We Made Things Happen!

From the Editor. We made things! This edition kind of assembled itself. I kept receiving articles and media releases about different impressive, proudly South African science infrastructure projects. Each exciting […]

IYBSSD SA Schools Competition participation registration due date extended to 15 April 2023

All South African school are invited to enter the competition.

All South African Schools are invited to enter the following competition, in support of the UN International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development (IYBSSD). This invitation is on behalf of the SA Dept. of Science and Innovation (DSI), the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf), and the National Research Foundation (NRF), with support from the Marang Centre for Mathematics and Science Education, Wits School of Education, University of the Witwatersrand. More information can be accessed from the competition website.