Editorial Team

Himla Soodyall (Executive Officer, ASSAf) (Chair) 
Jane Carruthers (Editor-in-Chief, South African Journal of Science)
Don Cowan (Professor of Microbiology and Director at CMEG Laboratory, University of Pretoria) 
Walter Matli (Associate Researcher and Senior Lecturer, Vaal University of Technology)
Caradee Wright (Specialist Scientist, Medical Research Council)
Susan Veldsman (Director, Scholarly Publishing Programme, ASSAf) 
Ted Kroon (Professor of Physics, University of the Free State)
Marina Joubert (Senior Researcher: Science communication, University of Stellenbosch) 
Amanda Esterhuysen (Associate Professor of Archaelogy, Wits University)
Martin Bucher (Professor of Mathematics, UKZN and Université Paris) 


Email: Susan Veldsman

Programme and Social Media Manager

Tsepo Majake
Education Liaison Officer (Scholarly Publishing Programme) ORCID
Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf)

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