1. How do I subscribe to Quest?

The online version is available as open access, and free of charge. To subscribe to the printed copy: complete the subscription form and submit, or print out the pdf form, complete and send to us. The subscription form should be accompanied by a proof of payment.

2. When do I subscribe?

At the end of each calendar year for the following year.

3. Can I access Quest online?

Yes. Access Quest from this web page, or from the ASSAf repository. All online copies are available as open access, free of charge.

4. Can I receive email notifications?

Yes. Fill out your email address and Submit.

5. How do I submit an article?

See some guidelines for authors first. Email the article to Quest-Editor@assaf.org.za.

6. How can I sponsor the publication?

Quest welcomes any sponsorships. Please contact quest@assaf.org.za.

7. Can I order back copies?

Yes, you can. But we prefer you accessing the copies online from this web page, or from the ASSAf repository