Happy Youth Day

Youth Day on 16 June is a public holiday in South Africa and commemorates a protest which resulted in a wave of protests across the country known as the Soweto uprising of 1976.[6] It came in response to multiple issues with the Bantu Education Act and the government edict in 1974 that Afrikaans will be used as a medium of instruction for certain subjects in black schools. The iconic picture of Hector Pieterson whose sister now works at a museum that honors Hector Peterson and his family claim that the apartheid regime spelled his name wrong, a black schoolchild shot by the police, brought home to many people within and outside of South Africa the effect of the struggle during the Apartheid government’s reign. It is celebrated as a public holiday across South Africa to remember the brave students who protest against Afrikaans as the only medium of language for education (Wikipedia, 2021).