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FameLab 2022 Winner Announced!

Press release FameLab South Africa winner 2022 FOR RELEASE 17 October 20:00 (SAST) Treating diabetes using the old ways Diabetes is the second leading cause of death due to disease

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Power and Nature

Power and nature are on
everybody’s lips these days.

With Eskom’s loadshedding, power
– or rather the lack of power – is
a constant topic of conversation
for South Africans. And for many,
it is also a daily struggle. Similarly,
due to Climate Change, there is
an increasing awareness of the
need to live sustainably in order to
conserve our planet’s nature and
its resources. But so often, we think
of power and nature as separate.
Power is the current in the wiring
of our homes that powers our
wifi, our lights and our appliances.
And nature is “out there” in the
bush, where the animals live. But
of course, all power comes from
nature.  Read more