Quest Vol 18 No 4 fresh off the press!

From the Editor: “Glass is literally all around us. Just have a look at the screen you are likely reading this on, at the watch that might be on your arm, at the windows all around you or the glass of water you might have on your table. Glass gave us the art of the Louvre, clean, solar energy panels and the optics of the James Webb Space Telescope. It is truly a wondrous material. On 18th May 2021 the UN General Council approved a joint application by the International Commission on Glass (ICG), the Community of Glass Associations (CGA) and ICOMGlass that 2022 be declared a United Nations International Year of Glass (IYOG). The year has seen many participating events and institutions celebrating the essential role that glass has in society. In this edition, we carry on with that celebration.”

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