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Science in the News

Starting out on a STEM career

The importance of developing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills in South Africa is widely acknowledged. Here, Quest explores two initiatives that aim to

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South African-born Elon Musk is credited with reviving the Hyperloop concept (see the preceding article, ‘Maglev’), andis recognised as one of the most influential innovators

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China’s Shanghai Maglev Train provides a shuttle service between the Pudong International Airport and a stationon the outskirts of the vast Shanghai Metro system of

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Magnetism: the forces around us

Magnetism is part of our everyday lives, but the variety of ways in which
it is used is commonly overlooked.
While fridge magnets holding mementos and reminders in place are obvious examples, less apparent are the magnets or electromagnets in earphones, loudspeakers, doorbells, security systems and induction cookers. Our household appliances contain electric motors that rely on electromagnetism, which is also used by electric generators to produce electricity. Magnetism is even used
to store data on hard disks in our computers and on the magnetic stripe on our bank cards.

Lesisiqephu se Quest sikhuluma ngesayensi yomazibuthe, esetshenziswa
ngezindlela eziningi empilweni futhi ibalulekile kwi sayensi nobuchwepheshe.
Translated by Zamantimande Kunene.