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1. What is the way of gauging the acidity and alkalinity of a solution?
2. Adding an acid to water decreases the
3. Calcium Carbonate
4. Leaders in the acedophilic organism on earth
5. AMD is short for Acid.......Drainage
6. The .......water streams are recognised for their endemic acid tolerant fauna?
7. Which province in South Africa has over 80 of coalfired power stations?
8. The maximum amount of acid deposition that ecosystems can tolerate without being damaged is known as .....load.
9. bluegreen algae is also know as?
10. Areas underlain by carbonates are often described as having a .......... landform
11. What is considered as a master variable affecting numerous chemical and biological processes with the soil?
12. Soil adversely affected by acidification
13. What gas is continuously released by humans to the atmosphere that is altering the chemistry of the ocean?
14. bacteria present in both modern humans and Neanderthals
15. the sticky film that constantly forms on teeth but can be removed by brushing and flossing
16. Group name for sharks and rays within the cartilaginous group
17. The natural acidic environment in the human an organ
18. The gramnegative spiral bacterium, Helicobacter pylari, is the causative agent of chronic....
19. One word used to describe organisms adapted to live in acidic environments.
20. What is the colour of ferric oxide?
21. The high density sludge is designated to the raise the pH of acidic mine water so that ....... metals precipitate out.
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Editor's Note
Acid: The bottom end of the scale

Our cover photo shows a couple canoeing on the Touws River, having paddled upstream from the Ebb and
Flow Rest Camp in the Wilderness section of the Garden Route National Park. The Touws River is one of the blackwater systems of the southern Cape, with dark, naturally acidic waters due to the presence of plant-derived humic acids and the influence

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Translated by Zamantimande Kunene